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Expert Corner

Growing Students’ Math Mindset

Students often think that they are not good at math or don’t have a “math brain.” Reflex and Gizmos can change that mindset and help students learn to persevere and become more successful in math.

Math Mindset
In the Spotlight
Students love the interaction, and since we are not meeting face-to-face in a classroom, Gizmos provide the “hands-on” experience online for the kids."
Megan Borowski Megan Borowski
Science Teacher

Science teacher at an online K-12 school finds that when students use Gizmos, they retain the information and do better on assessments.

I know of no better program to help close that achievement gap. Confidence levels have soared and math has become a highlight of the day!”
Terri Nolte Terri Nolte

Comparing results between Reflex users and non-users on a multiplication quiz, this teacher says, “we sank them!”


Los Fresnos CISD uses Gizmos and Reflex

A district in Texas uses both Gizmos and Reflex to meet math and science goals.


New Gizmos!

From new Algebra Gizmos to the Big Bang Theory, we’re launching new Gizmos!


Independent test shows big jump in fluency

Students using Reflex make a lot of improvement on independent math test.

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