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We're creating new Gizmos in Earth Science and Chemistry that will help your students succeed on science assessments. Find out how we develop new Gizmos

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new science gizmos

implementation ideas

Engage and motivate your students with these exciting ideas from fellow educators.

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district competition

Alachua district-wide competition

A K-5 Math Curriculum Specialist in Florida created a challenge to increase effective Reflex usage across her district’s elementary schools.

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math growth mindset webinar

Kathleen Kaplan explains how students can learn and develop a “math brain” by cultivating a growth mindset.

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In the Spotlight
Rebecca L. Rose spotlight

Rebecca L. Rose
Elementary School Teacher and Math Specialist

“I would recommend Reflex to any educator who has students struggling with basic math facts.”


Taking a student who refused to come to school because she hated math to fluency in three months is possible with a dedicated teacher—and Reflex.

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Jennifer Abel

Jennifer Abel
High School Math Teacher


“Gizmos are easy to use and helpful in getting students to visualize mathematics.”


Gizmos enables an experienced math teacher to help students of all levels, from ELL to gifted students.

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